Our Mission

The Better You Project wants to make a difference. A difference to people’s health. A difference to people’s emotional health and well-being and a difference to the life chances of each and every child that engages with the project.

The Better You project will provide an outstanding PE curriculum. A PE curriculum full of enriched and challenging activities. Lesson plans and videos that will support staff in the development of their own PE teaching skills and assessment opportunities to identify the most talented whilst celebrating the participation and development of all. 

The Better You Project will provide a PSHCE / Character Building curriculum that will provide all children with the opportunity to thrive and develop skills, knowledge and strategies to enable children to become the very best version of themselves. They will be introduced to stories and scenarios that will challenge their way of thinking and learn about how to apply the Project’s core values to their everyday life.

Our core values

The Better You Project will introduce a set of core values that will run throughout both the PE and PSHCE curriculum.

Inclusivity | Respect | Resilience | Integrity | Collaboration

We want all children to understand our values, interpret them in their own way and apply them to their own life and experiences.  At the Better You Project, we believe that if we achieve this, children will leave Y6 equipped and ready for the challenges ahead.


Fun Lessons for EYFS


Skill Building Lessons for Year 1 and 2


Engaging Lessons for Year 3 and 4


Challenging Lessons for Years 5 and 6


Detailed Short Term Lesson Plans


School years

Case Studies