Year 1 and 2 Multi Skills (Throwing and Catching)

Lesson 2

Learning Objective

To pass a range of equipment from one hand to the other without dropping it.
To understand the correct throwing technique for a short distance.

Recap prior key skills and knowledege

To handle a range of equipment appropriately.
To pass a range of equipment from one hand to the other without dropping it.

Warm up – Ball Tag


Select two children to be tagger and give them a coloured bib and a large ball each
(Football/Rugby ball).

All other children to have a small ball or object in their hand (tennis ball or bean bag)

Both taggers chase the other children in the group; the person they catch stops & passes the ball
from one hand to the other 4 times then they are released and can move again.

Repeat activity and change taggers.

Activity 1 – Solo Throwing and Catching

  • Children to work alone, with one piece of equipment each (Tennis Ball, Bean Bag, Football,
    Basketball, Dodgeball)
  • Children to have their own space allocated in the area, place a floor marker or cone on the floor for
    each pupil
  • Give children the option to pick their own equipment, if they want to challenge themselves select a
    smaller ball if they want to make it easier use a larger piece of equipment.
  • Once the child has equipment and is in their own space, they need to develop a good stance.
  • Standing with feet shoulder width apart with toes pointing forward to have good balance.
  • The child will then attempt to throw the equipment in the air just slightly above their head and
    catch the ball.
  • Every catch is one point, if they drop the ball their last score was their highest score.
  • Allocate 3 minutes for this activity.
  • Repeat and allow children to swap equipment if they would like to challenge of make it easier for

video to support activity

Activity 2 – Mat / Target Throw

  • Give each child and beanbag or tennis ball.
  • Set out a number of gym mats or targets (Hoops) around the outside of playing area for pupils to experiment their under arm throw.
  • Children will work around the area finding a new target to throw towards.
  • Children will stand on the spot in front of the target/mat that is 3 meters away, using a under arm throw they will attempt to throw and land their beanbag or tennis ball on the mat/target.
  • Once they have done that they will collect their ball/bean bag and find a new target to throw towards.
  • Allocate 5minutes for the activity, call class in a discuss feedback from children’s throw and areas of development. Repeat for another 5 minutes to see if children can beat their score.
  • If children are struggling increase the size of the target or ball
  • Children will score one point for each time their equipment lands/hits the target


  • Add a hoop on the gym mats to make a smaller target for the children to aim for.
  • Add a cone of bowling pin in the hoops for the children to hit to make a smaller target

Activity 3 – Throwing Gates

  • Demonstrate the correct under-arm throwing technique to class. See below for details.
  • Pupils to work in pairs with one piece of equipment between 2 (Bean bag, dodgeball or Tennis Ball)
  • Set up 10/12 set of gates depending on space (2 cones, 2 meter apart), putting a floor marker each side of the gate 2 meters away.
  • Children to travel around the space to find a gate, attempting to throw the ball through the gate using an under-arm throwing technique, throwing though the gate to a partner on the other side.
  • Waiting child attempts to catch the ball using a two handed catch. see example below
  • 1 points is scored for each successful throw through the gate, points are not scored for a successful catch but praise should be given.
  • When traveling to a new gate, the child with the equipment is to pass it around their body (hips) using both hands passing from right hand to left and repeating till they get to the new gate.
  • Set a challenge to see how many points each team score in 2 minutes.
  • Repeat this activity, giving children/groups the opportunity to beat their last score.

Progression / Challenge

  • Move the cones from 2m apart to only 1m apart to challenge.
  • Set children/groups a score to beat, example: can a group get 20 successful throws in 2 minutes.

Key Knowledge/Teacher questions

To pass a range of equipment from one hand to the other without dropping it.
Can we demonstrate a good stance when throwing and catching?
How many hands do we use when throwing a ball? (1)
How many hands do we use when catching a ball? (2)

Key Skills

To understand the correct throwing technique for a short distance.

Key Vocab

Roll Manipulation
Throw Balls
Smooth Cones
Balance Target
Control Aim
Points Release

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