Year 1 and 2 Multi Skills (Throwing and Catching)

Lesson 3

Learning Objective

To understand the correct throwing technique for a short distance.
To throw a range of equipment over a short distance.

Recap prior key skills and knowledege

To pass a range of equipment from one hand to the other without dropping it.
To understand the correct throwing technique for a short distance.

Warm up – Clean The Room


Spread out lots of equipment in the learning area (cones, bean bags, dodgeballs, tennis balls,
footballs, bibs etc.) Make a BIG MESS!!!!!!

Children must work as a team to clean the learning areas as quick as possible.

Children can collect one piece of equipment at a time; running and return it to the correct area/bucket/hoop in the learning area.

Ensure all children know where all the equipment needs returning too.

Record how long this takes to do?

Repeat activity

Teacher/Coach and shout different ways to move, jogging, side steps, skipping, heel flicks, high
knees etc.

Video to support Activitiy

Activity 1 – Not in my garden!!!!!!

  • Teacher/coach to demonstrate the correct under arm throwing technique.
  • Split the class into two teams, one at each end of the learning area.
  • Set up an invisible fence in the middle of the area 3/4meters apart, use cones of floor markers so children can identify this area. No child is allowed in this area/on the fence.
  • Using 15-20 soft balls (sponge balls or dodgeballs), children throw the balls over the middle area/invisible fence using a under arm throw to throw the equipment in the other teams “Garden”.
  • At the end of 2 minutes teams to collect the equipment in their garden and count how many they have.
  • The team with the most balls in their garden at the end of 2 minutes is the losing team.
  • Repeat and set children a challenge of a minimum number of throws in the allocated time, example “Jack I would like you to attempt to throw 20 balls in the time of the game”.

Activity 2 – Colour Throw

  • Teacher/coach to set out 10/15 set out coloured cones 1/2 meters apart with one piece of equipment (Bean Bags, Tennis balls, basketball, dodgeball, football) set up on one of the cones.
  • Children working in pairs
  • Children to work together to run toward a colour (cones)
  • Once at the colour they pick up the item, using a under arm throw toward their partner who attempts to catch.
  • Once they have thrown the equipment it is placed back on the coloured cone and then the catcher communicates and calls a new colour for them to head to.
  • One point is scored for each successful under arm throw toward their partner.
  • Encourage children to travel around the learning area communication to find a free colour to get lots of throws.
  • Allocate 2 minutes of this activity, repeat 2 times.

Activity 3 – Bean Bag Throw

  • Teacher/coach to set up a target area (3mx3m) marked with cones and a bench or rope in front of the area. With a throwing floor marker/cone 3 meters away from the bench.
  • Have 30/40 bean bags available if possible, if not children will have to return successful bean bags and count their scores during the activity.
  • Set up 6/8 areas if possible in the learning area.
  • Split the class into the number of throwing areas available. The children will take it in turns to run out and attempt to throw the beanbag using a under arm throwing technique over the bench/rope and landing the bean bag in the target area.
  • If the bean bag lands and stays in the area they will score one point, if the bean misses or goes out of the area the children don’t get a point and must return the beanbag to the area in front of the bench.
  • If successful they leave the bean in the area till the end of the activity
  • To be successful children must work out the correct throwing speed and weight to land the item in the area.
  • Allocate 3 minutes for this activity or till all the beanbags have gone.

Key Knowledge/Teacher questions

To understand the correct throwing technique for a short distance.

Key Skills

To throw a range of equipment over a short distance.

Key Vocab

Roll Manipulation
Throw Balls
Smooth Cones
Balance Target
Control Aim
Points Release

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