Frequently Asked Questions

The Better You Project is an all new educational programme designed to improve the physical, emotional and mental health and well-being of children from the ages of 3-11.

Packed full of resources, session plans, and videos featuring Savannah Marshall – including lessons learned from her journey to the top of the boxing world; the Better You Project is ready to make a huge difference to the life styles and life chances of our children; inspiring them all to achieve their hopes and dreams – just like Savannah.

The Physical education and School Sports membership is your go to place for everything you need to deliver and outstanding PE education to your pupils.

Sign up the programme and receive:

  • Personalised and Bespoke PE Curriculum Map
  • Progressive Schemes of Work 
  • Sequential Long Term, Medium Term and Short Term Planning 
  • Easy to Use Assessment Tool
  • All Units of Work Include Supportive Videos, Progressive Vocabulary, Assessment, Relevant Learning Objectives and Links to the National Curriculum
  • Over 75 Fun Lessons for Early Years Provision
  • Over 80 Skill Building Lessons for Years 1 and 2
  • Over 108 Engaging Lessons for Years 3 and 4
  • Over 96 Challenging Lessons for Years 5 and 6
  • Over 359 Detailed Short Term Lesson Plans Providing Ongoing CPD for School Staff

The Better You PSHCE and Character Building Curriculum offers a unique approach of teaching PSHCE to children aged 3-11. 

Including sets of teaching road maps, lesson plans, resources and introductory videos featuring Savannah Marshall – The Better You PSHCE Curriculum will equip our children and young with the personal skills, character development and key knowledge to stay healthy, safe and prepared for life.

To buy the Physical Education and School sports membership £1500 for 1 year
To buy the PSHCE and Character Building Programme £1500 for 1 year
To buy both Programs £2500 for 1 year

The subscription is for a 12 month period. A renewal will be sent out 28 days before the expiry of the existing arrangement.

In a nutshell yes. All elements of the PE and PSHCE curriculum are considered and planned for.

There are online guides and videos talking staff members through every step of The Better You programme – although bespoke CPD packages are available on request.

All units will be complete and online by July 2023

Most Schools will have the equipment in school needed to deliver both programmes. For schools that don’t, our website has a direct link to  our recommended supplier who will be able to provide you with easy to access, discounted equipment.

There is a dedicated email address for all sales and technical support enquiries. This is